Rules & Regulations

  1. Nails to be trimmed weekly, Boys / girls are not allowed to grow their nails.
  2. Monthly haircut has to be done by boys.
  3. Shirt Buttons should not be kept open and the shirt to be tucked in properly, irrespective of the dress i.e. uniform or coloured dress. Belts to be worn tightly and visibly.
  4. Personal hygiene to be maintained.
  5. Dyeing of hair or using hair jel is not permitted.
  6. Hairstyle should be according to the norms of the school.
  7. Designs, lines, arts, writings, patching, paintings or pictures on pants or shirts are not allowed.
  8. No pony tails nor loose hair is allowed in the school campus.
  9. Students are not allowed to wear ornaments in the School and mobile phone, i-pod, digital watch, pen drive etc. are not allowed to bring any electronic items to the school. If any of the electronic items is found in any body’s custody, it will be forfeited and never be refused.
  10. Children are not allowed to bring and use mobile phone in the campus.
  11. No low waist pants are permitted in the campus.
  12. Alteration in stitching uniforms will not be allowed.
  13. Using coloured contact lens is strictly prohibited.
  14. Bringing/taking of chewing gums, pan parag, alcohol, tobacco item, drugs, soft drinks & eatables etc. to the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  15. Tattooing is strictly prohibited.
  16. Only vegetable items as tiffin are allowed.
  17. Packet food is strictly prohibited

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