School Mission

Healthy Educative Environment – Service to the Nation 

By 2022 the school will educate the students in a healthy environment

to make them happy in every aspect of life.




By this word “Healthy School Environment” we want to mean that we are going to establish a physical and aesthetic surroundings and psychological climate and culture of the school. Physical environment of the school means school building and the area surrounding it, biological or chemical agents, temperature, noise and lighting. Psychological environment means the environment which includes the physical, emotional and social conditions.

We are trying to establish such environment from last 21 years. As per example for establishing a healthy environment we build a nice and scientific building and the surrounding area is also very nice, without harmful chemicals and it is also noise free area, where we get sufficient sunlight also.

We always believe a “sound mind in a sound body”. So beside day to day regular educational activities we are providing play time and time for cultural activities.

We are promised to maintain our efforts.

Activities which we are performing to achieve the mission:

  1. To make the school environment healthy we are doing following activities :
  2. We reinforce our students for their behaviour which are according to environmental norm.
  3. We are going to create hygienic habits of children. Such as, we inspire students for making habit of washing hands before taking food and after using lavatory.
  • We are providing safe waterfor drinking in school.
  1. We are Organising regular cleaning programme.
  2. We monitor for health of every student.
  3. We inspire our students for co-curricular activities also, like Games and Sports, Music, Drama, Magazine, Road shows on burning social problems etc.
  • We also keep a caring relationship with our students.
  • We are promised to maintain academic environment in our school.
  1. We inspire our children for group learning as well as self learning.
  2. To make the student happy in life we are doing the following activities :
  3. We look after Academic activities of the students.
  4. We help them to grow physically through physical education.
  • We help them through co curricular activities to be stable emotionally and to learn how to pass leisure time and also taking social responsibility.
  1. We celebrate national days (i.e. Republic Day, Independence Day etc.) to aware our students with our cultural heritage though they can feel proud for their ancestors.
  2. We maintain track record to counsel our students.


Activities which we will perform to achieve the mission :

To achieve our mission we will perform additional works such as:

  1. We will make separate class library for each and every section.
  2. We will install smart class for our students.
  3. We will enrich our central library also.
  4. We are going to from a cultural troop for spreading social education among the slam duellers.
  5. We are going to enrich our web-site to communicate with the guardians of the students.
  6. The authority is going to organize faculty development programme continuously.

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